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Boise tech community gains an ally fo...

Boise tech community gains an ally for startups
The Wayne Brown Institute, a Utah nonprofit, has been a boon to the Salt Lake City area. BY ZACH KYLE zkyle@idahostatesman.com December 16, 2014 Todd McElroy, GenZ Technology foreman, tests a prototype of the company’s crop sprayer at Skyline Vineyards in Nampa this summer. McElroy was trying to put together the final pieces of his first ro [...]

Q Therapeutics Expands Board of Direc...

Q Therapeutics
Company Also Announces Formation of Governance and NominatingCommittee and Related Appointments of Directors   Salt Lake City, UT – (Marketwired) – September 23, 2014 – Q Therapeutics, Inc., an emerging biotechnology company developing innovative cell therapy products for the treatment of debilitating diseases of the central nervous sys [...]

Aviacode names New CEO

Originally posted on Aviacode.com | PR Aviacode, a leader in technology-enabled medical coding services, announces the promotion of current President and COO Lane Monson to the Chief Executive Officer position, effective October 1, 2014. Monson, a seasoned business executive with both domestic and international experience, joined Aviacode in [...]

WellDog Selected for Inaugural Oil an...

Originally posted on Welldog.com | PR WellDog announced it is one of twelve companies that will participate in the inaugural Oil and Gas Cleantech Challenge. A group of top oil and gas companies including ConocoPhillips, Encana and Noble Energy selected WellDog from a national pool of applicants. “ConocoPhillips is pleased to be a founding s [...]

Helidyne raises $1M in Series-A fundi...

Originally posted on Helidynepower.com | PR Washington, Utah – Helidyne LLC, has raised $1 million in series-A funding from its equity partner to finance completion of its first order for off-shore power generation equipment to Pemex –the world’s 6th largest oil & gas producer. Funds will also be used to construct a permanent test stand [...]

Q Therapeutics Invited to Present at ...

Q Therapeutics
Originally posted on QThere.com | PR Salt Lake City, UT – (Marketwired) – August 21, 2014 – Q Therapeutics, Inc., an emerging biotechnology company developing innovative cell therapy products for the treatment of debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, today announced that the Company has been invited to present at the Swedish-A [...]

Affordable Care Act’s Attempt to Cut ...

Affordable Care Act's Attempt to Cut Costs
As of the 1st of October, the government has been essentially shut down. Congress is deadlocked, debating the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implemented by President Obama. The plan itself has many aspects that are hoped to help the American citizens save money on health care, or afford health care in the first place. There is som [...]

Reduce Overhead With These Cost-Savin...

   There are a lot of expenses that businesses have to worry about. From employee salaries to upkeep of offices to purchasing software, it can often be difficult to cut costs where it is needed. There are a lot of ways businesses can save money in this economy, and the options are often very simple. Here’s a few tips to save money as a busin [...]

Protect Business Against Check Fraud

Protect Business Against Check Fraud
It’s difficult for any business or company to keep checkbooks or order them in their workplace because of fraud. Both the business and the consumer will be affected since the illegal check is not even real. Forging or creating fraudulent checks start with stealing financial documents. If a criminal gets hold of a checkbook stock or even an o [...]

Utah’s Profitable Mining Indust...

Over the past few years, Utah’s economy has gotten a lot of positive press. Its burgeoning technology sector is one of the fastest growing in the country, and the state managed to maintain an impressively low rate of unemployment during the post-housing-bubble recession. Salt Lake City has even been heralded by some in recent years as [...]

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